Sleeping without you </3

We’re lying under different stars
I only want to be where you are
I’m lying here alone, and awake
For no other reason than    I miss you.

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Love Me

I wrote this poem to my boyfriend when nothing seemed to be going right. He felt insecure because of his past relationships, and we had both fallen into bad habits and boring routines… so I wrote this..

KISS ME like you’ve never felt my lips against your skin

HOLD ME feel the warmth of my shoulder right beneath your chin

MAKE LOVE TO ME like you’ve never made love to me before

LIVE WITH ME it’s only with you I want to explore

You’ve got to live like its heaven on earth

But most of all LOVE ME like you’ve never been hurt <3

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Give me your Love <3

Inspiration from Ed Sheeran Song lyrics and how I feel about my relationship

I don’t want to breath if you’re not here

To be left all alone in the dark, I fear

To have no one to warm me up when i’m cold

No one to reminisce on the past with when i’m old

No one to kiss my neck exactly how you do 

No one to support me with the troubles i’ll go through

No one to make me smile, just by hearing their voice

No one to spend the rest of my life with by choice 

Oh I just wanna hold you forever

So give me your love, and never, say..never.. <3

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by Laura.